Open Up Your Floor Plan with These Affordable Tips That Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

A small apartment can be tricky to decorate, but it’s completely possible to create a comfortable, stylish space where you want to spend all your free time. Afraid about adding too much clutter or making space feel overwhelmed? Don’t be! Magnolia Vinings Apartments has put together a few tips to make your apartment home into the interior space of your dreams!

Use a Room Divider.

If you’re trying to capitalize on the little amount of space that you have, install a room divider. It will create the illusion of privacy and separation. If you’re the proud renter of a studio apartment, this is a particularly clever trick to utilize.

Hide Your Bed.

Don’t let something as necessary as your bed eat up all your square footage. By investing in a trundle bed or making one yourself, you can stow away your favorite place whenever you’d like to create more space within your apartment home.

Create an Optical Illusion.

Finally, you can use simple, everyday items, like curtains or a mirror to make your space appear to be larger than it really is. Hang your curtains well above the window impart airiness and height, or add a large mirror to brighten up space and make it feel bigger.

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